Company Profile

Company Name CMD Laboratory Inc.
Operations ・Researching and System Development about Finance, Medical and Agriculture.
・Financial Instruments Intermediary Service Provider, License # 720 (Securities Intermediary and Sales Agency)
Head Office 4th Floor, Tokyo Estate Building, 1-3-2 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 151-0051 (Tel. +81-3-3408-8406)
Established June 21, 2007
Capital 71.96 mil. Yen
Representative Toshiyuki MAEDA, President & Representative Director
Main Clients Nikkei Inc, Tokyo Stock Exchange Inc, Tokyo University, Tokyo Women’s Medical University, MONEX Inc, Accenture Inc
Business Partner Bank MUFJ Bank Shibuya Branch、Japan Finance Corporation Shibuya Branch、Dai-Ichi Kangyo Credit Cooperative Sendagaya Branch、Hyakujyushi Bank Tokyo Branch

Message from President

What is happening in our society now is・・・The development of computer technology and information network, which is happening now, will make efficient process accessible for those useful information around the world, and create new technologies at low cost.What we should do is・・・We are watching changes that are starting to happen in society now, creating knowledge rooted in the coming society, and providing services that make use of it.
To make our thoughts reality, we pick up three fields, Financial, Medical and Agricultural.
In these fields, utilization of new technologies is tend to behind, since high expertise is needed for them.
We have started CmdLAB in order to make research by the experts for the experts into accessible leading-edge technologies for many people.Open-minded & Hands-on approachNeeds are in the practical business.
And Seeds are in various kinds of research institutions in the world.We are connecting those needs and seeds free from sense of belonging with Open-minded approach,
and practice from realistic view with Hands-on approach.
This is our code of conduct.We are challenging to create a structure that transform Research from the Cost center, Department with no immediate profit but only expenses, to the Profit center, Department making profit, as an industry.

Mandatory Publication of Financial Statements


  • 仮想通貨交換業の子会社への事業譲渡、及び、仮想通貨交換業廃業の公告(2017年)
  • 吸収分割公告20140121