We are Research Professionals in Financial, Medical, and Agricultural engineering

  • Financial Engineering:
    • Research and development of market analysis tool based on statistics
    • Research and development of algorithms trading models
    • Research and development of text mining tools in economic and financial text data
  • Medical Engineering:
    • Research of diagnostic system for hospital using FG(Fiber Grating) visual sensor
    • Research of security equipment for elderly facility and household applying visual ]
    • sensor technology
    • Time series analysis and statistical analysis on respiratory state during sleep

For practice research results


Business Case

  • Acquired Equity analysis site for independent investor “DreamVisor.com” from Nihon Securities Journal, and operated that site.
  • Advised on the research and development of “Tokyo Stock Exchange Market Impact VIew”, an information service provided by Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  • Adviced on research and development of “Nikkei Tick Vision” information service provided by Nikkei.
  • Developed “Sleeping Respiration Monitoring System” for the National Hospital Organization Tokushima Hospital.
  • Developed “daily price index calculation system” for the University of Tokyo.